Investing in Hungary

Would you like to start a business in Hungary, but don’t know where to begin? We take care of everything from company establishment to successful business operation. We even undertake full representation in Hungary.

Our Services

We help foreign companies to start their business in Hungary. We take care of everything from company establishment to successful business operation. We help you to establish of your company, find business partners, outsource processes or launch/distribute products.

We assist in the establishment of your company in Hungary.
We assist in finance and accounting processes in Hungary.
We assist to find business partners in Hungary.
We assist to outsource business processes to Hungary.
Product Launch
We assist to launch products in Hungary.
We assist in distribution of your products in Hungary.
We provide business advice regarding your investments.
We will solve any of your business issues in Hungary.

Why Hungary?

Hungary is situated in the heart of Europe, it is the ideal base for investors who are planning business developments, including those coming from distant countries and wishing to seize European markets. Key reasons to invest in Hungary

  • Ideal geographical position in the centre of Europe for manufacturing, services and logistics
  • Excellent infrastructure, ready-made industrial sites, offices and science parks
  • Good balance of labour costs and quality
  • Governmental incentives (cash subsidy, tax allowance)
  • Investment friendly economic policy
  • Competitive tax system
  • Hungary is member state of the EU
Hungary investing

Hungary – heart of Europe

Why Us?

Cost saving
The cost planning of the project will be appropriate, the costs will be kept under control during the entire project.
Deadlines do not keep slipping. We weight the tasks appropriately, taking into account the chronological order.
Thanks to our control, the tasks will be clear to all employees for the first time.
The goals of the project will be successfully fulfilled, keeping in mind the interests of our clients.
Our high-quality services fully meet the strict requirements of our customers.
We provide fast, flexible and professional services to our partners, thereby improving their business activities.
We provide reliable and secure services. We respect business confidentiality very strictly.
We are a dynamic company that is constantly looking for new challenges. We are constantly improving our services.

Latest News


Business Consulting

We launched the website, which focuses on business consulting. If you need this service, visit

Waste Collection

Voluntary waste collection

We voluntarily undertook to collect discarded waste in the framework of ‘TeSzedd!’. Environmental protection is important to us, so we plan to participate in similar campaigns in the future.


New website

After long preparations, we launched our new website ( Our goal is to provide professional services to micro, small, medium-sized and multinational enterprises to invest in Hungary.

Hungary is a landlocked country in Central Europe. Spanning 93,030 square kilometres (35,920 sq mi) of the Carpathian Basin. Hungary has a population of 9.6 million. Hungarian is the official language, and Budapest is the country's capital and largest city.


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